Shape Your Energy Future

Empower your community. Shape the energy transformation of the Western Downs, Southern Downs, South Burnett and surrounding areas.


Are you involved in energy transformation or aiming to influence its community impact? Affected by shifts in agriculture, housing, or employment due to infrastructure projects? Engaged in regional industries, local government, or the energy sectors in Western Downs, Southern Downs or South Burnett regions? If yes, this program is for you.


5-days leadership program
6-week project work
1-day public forum


Thanks to our program partners, participation is fully-funded. This includes meals and accommodation.

Delivery mode & venue

Leadership program: Face-to-face, Bunya Mountains
Project coaching: Virtual
Public forum: Face-to-face


Program: 5 - 9 February 2024
Project work and coaching: 9 February - 22 March 2024
Public forum and graduation: March 2024


Applications have closed.

Ready to shape the future?

Queensland, especially the Western Downs, Southern Downs and South Burnett regions, stands at the cusp of a significant energy transformation. The “Shape Your Energy Future” leadership program, a collaboration between the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and the Queensland Conservation Council, is your chance to be at the forefront of this change. 

Funded by Boundless Earth, this 5-day program is designed to equip leaders like you to navigate challenges and leverage the opportunities of this energy shift.

What you’ll take away from the program

Expanded networks

Connect with diverse thinkers and leaders from various sectors.

Opportunities in real-time

Identify and leverage current opportunities for the benefit of your community.

Future-forward skills

Master long-range planning to set a visionary path for your region.

Advocacy skills

Amplify your voice and advocate for what truly matters to your community.

Tangible projects

Drive the adoption of renewables with projects that resonate with your region's needs.

Lead change

Be part of future-shaping conversations with a wide group of people in your community.

Is this program right for me?

If you’re a landholder curious about renewable energy or navigating the intricacies of energy transformation, this program is tailored for you. Whether you’re invested in renewable technologies, dedicated to a sustainable agricultural future, involved in regional planning, or passionate about the broader social impacts of energy shifts — we’ve got you covered. This program is also ideal for those connected to groups or individuals keen on participating in the energy transformation journey or those eager to champion the environmental benefits of renewable projects.

Activities you’ll engage in

Interactive workshops

Led by experienced facilitators, dive deep into the nuances of energy transformation over a 5-day residential leadership program.

Group projects

Collaborate on practical initiatives to address regional energy challenges over 6-weeks following the leadership program. You'll be supported by expert coaches.

Future-shaping conversations

Engage in meaningful dialogues about the energy landscape and its implications as you present your project in a public forum and program graduation.

Networking sessions

Build relationships with fellow participants, sharing insights and experiences throughout and beyond the program elements.

Want to know more?

Join us for an interactive Q&A webinar that dives into the heart of the “Shape Your Energy Future” program. These sessions are your chance to ask questions, explore the program’s structure, and understand how it’s tailored to empower communities in the Western Downs, Southern Downs and South Burnett regions.

Q&A webinar 1

31 October 2023
7.30 - 8.30 pm AEDT

Q&A webinar 2

13 November 2023
7.30 - 8.30 pm AEDT

What local leaders are saying

Frequently asked questions

Have a question that we haven’t answered below? Get in touch with our friendly team. We’re happy to help.

Shape Your Energy Future helps you engage with the process of energy transformation, in the interest of your communities. The transition to renewable energy sources and decisions about your future power infrastructure pose both challenges and opportunities for regional Australia. The program seeks to foster leadership that ensures people’s diversity of views and values are heard and respected, with the opportunity to participate in conversations for their future.  

The program is tailored for people who are keen to navigate the challenges and harness the opportunities presented by energy transformation, ensuring the wellbeing and sustainability of their communities.

You might be a perfect fit if you:

  • Have leadership experience in energy transformation or aspire to influence its trajectory in your community.
  • Are impacted by the evolving landscape of agriculture, housing, employment, or skill development due to new infrastructure projects.
  • Are involved in regional industries affected by energy projects.
  • Collaborate with local government.
  • Operate within the energy or environmental sectors in Western Downs or South Burnett.

If any of these resonate with you, we encourage you to apply!

We specialise in leadership development, focusing on building capacity and resilience across rural, regional and remote Australia. On the other hand, the Queensland Conservation Council stands as a leading state-based body dedicated to environmental matters. Both organisations share a deep passion for our regions. Together, we combine our expertise to offer a leadership program that helps communities tackle challenges and seize the opportunities presented by energy transformation.

Group project initiatives form a hands-on learning component of our leadership program, with coaches guiding the way. During coaching sessions, participants receive briefings about the regional energy transformation, its processes, and potential leverage points. These insights help identify opportunities that can benefit the community.

Participants decide the direction that best serves their region’s needs. While they have the freedom to envision any project, we ensure they receive the necessary support to make their projects practical and outcome-driven.

No, we design all of our programs, including this one, to be apolitical, focusing on the broader well-being of rural, regional, and remote Australia. While climate change and energy transformation present genuine challenges for our communities and industries, this program aims to strengthen community leadership. This enhanced leadership then actively drives positive outcomes in the face of these challenges.

These regions are at the forefront of the energy transformation in Queensland. The program aims to cultivate collective leadership and engagement, ensuring these regions continue to thrive and prosper during this pivotal transition.

We designed Shape Your Energy Future specifically for the Western Downs and South Burnett regions of Queensland, given their surge in proposed renewable energy projects. These areas benefit from a robust transmission network and abundant wind and solar resources.

The program delivers tangible community benefits and serves as a model for other regions facing the ups and downs of energy transformation. We aim to bring this program to more regions in Queensland and potentially beyond in the future.

Regional leadership programs don’t just benefit individual participants, they benefit the cohort and entire community. At an individual level, you invest in yourself to develop the skills, mindset and networks to understand and influence uncertainty and create vibrant communities for the future. You grow your networks, and impact, by becoming a part of the our national network.  

The community benefits by gaining a group of courageous and influential people, committed to action and outcomes.  

We structure our programs around experiential learning. By staying residentially, you get extended networking opportunities and can engage in evening activities. Removing the daily distractions of home and work helps you dive deeper into the learning experience.

Don't miss out on shaping Queensland's energy future

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