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An inclusive and supportive network hosted on Facebook groups. Launching August 2023.

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The challenges drought presents to rural and regional Australia are multifaceted and complex. From changing temperatures and rainfall patterns to the social and economic impacts on communities, drought resilience requires adaptation, reorganisation, and transformation.

Connect and find solutions together with Drought Ready

Since 2021, more than 600 people have completed the Drought Resilience Leadership Program. Many more have participated in other Future Drought Fund initiatives, forging unique pathways to resilience and creating lasting transformations that endure far beyond the immediate challenges of drought.

Connect and learn

Engage with people from all over the country who are actively involved in drought preparedness. Gain valuable insights, discover effective strategies, and learn from real-life experiences shared by individuals and communities who have successfully navigated the challenges of drought.

Contribute and inspire

Share your own experiences, challenges, and successes to contribute to the collective wisdom of our network. Your unique perspectives and valuable insights can inspire others, driving action and fostering resilience across communities.

Collaborate for impact

Network and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your passion for building resilience. Join forces on projects, share resources, and exchange ideas to create meaningful and sustainable change within our communities.

Enhance wellbeing

By actively participating in the Drought Ready Network, you empower yourself and your community to embrace resilience. Together, we can create a stronger foundation for economic prosperity, a healthier environment, and improved social wellbeing.

Let's build resilient communities together

As a member of the network, you play a crucial role in our shared mission to build resilience and safeguard the wellbeing of our communities amidst drought. Through the power of knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networked impact, we can bring about positive change that enhances economic prosperity, safeguards the environment, and nurtures social wellbeing.

Different people. Connected by a shared vision.

Are you ready to take action and make a positive impact?

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a dynamic and supportive community that actively works towards building resilience in the face of drought. 

Take the first step towards a more resilient future. Sign up now and make a difference in the journey towards drought preparedness. Together, we can build thriving communities that stand strong in the face of adversity.

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Frequently asked questions

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The Drought Ready network is a community group hosted on Facebook. It brings together individuals who are passionate about helping their communities become more prepared for drought. It serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, learning from others’ experiences, and collaborating to build resilience.

The idea was born out of the first phase of Drought Resilience Leadership Development Program, Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program we delivered and the Networks for Drought Resilience Grants FRRR delivered. Seeing the impact of the collaboration and networks from these programs, we saw the potential in providing a platform where everyone can share their knowledge and experience. If learning what’s worked and what hasn’t worked in another community sounds good to you, then the Drought Ready network is for you.

The Drought Ready network is open to anyone who wants to contribute to drought preparedness in their community. Whether you’re a resident, community leader, farmer, or an individual concerned about the impact of drought, you are welcome to join us and make a difference.
Joining the Drought Ready Network is easy. Complete the form on this page to register your interest and we’ll email you when the group launches in August. Once launched, simply visit our Facebook group page and click on the “Join” button. You’ll be part of a supportive community committed to building resilience and preparedness for drought.

As a member of the Drought Ready network, you can expect to connect with like-minded individuals, gain access to valuable resources, and engage in meaningful discussions. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from others, share your own experiences, and collaborate on initiatives that contribute to building resilience in the face of drought.

The Drought Ready network covers a wide range of topics related to drought preparedness and resilience. Discussions may include water conservation, sustainable farming practices, community initiatives, mental health support, climate change adaptation, and more. We encourage members to initiate conversations and share their expertise.
Absolutely! We encourage members to share their projects, initiatives, and resources related to drought preparedness. The Drought Ready network is a collaborative space where we can learn from each other and support one another in making a positive impact.
There are various ways to contribute to the network. You can actively participate in discussions, share your knowledge and experiences, ask questions, offer support to fellow members, and collaborate on community projects. Your contributions, no matter how big or small, help foster a vibrant and resilient community.
No, joining the Drought Ready network is free of charge thanks to our funding partners, the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund. Our goal is to create an inclusive and accessible platform for individuals passionate about drought preparedness and community resilience.

The frequency of updates and discussions may vary, but we strive to maintain an active and engaging community. New content, resources, and discussions are shared regularly to keep members informed and inspired.

You can reach out to the administrators of the Drought Ready network by sending a message through our Facebook group chat. We are here to support you, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you have a meaningful experience within the community.

Remember, the Drought Ready network is a place where we come together to make a difference and ensure our communities are prepared for the challenges of drought. Join us today and let’s build resilience together!

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