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Sally Dalwood (Branson)

Sally Dalwood (Branson)

Sally Dalwood (Branson)

With over twenty-four years of diverse experience in Diplomatic, Military, Government, Political, Not-for-profit, and Corporate sectors, Sally Branson Dalwood is a seasoned public affairs specialist and brings this lens to the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF).

Sally grew up on a mixed family farm at Colbinabbin (central Victoria) and has an enduring connection to the community. She worked in rural and regional community development at the beginning of her career, and a signifying element of her political career was focused on rural and regional advocacy. Sally was a graduate of C13 Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP).

Sally excels in reputation and crisis management, leadership planning, and strategy, overseeing public affairs programs for significant scale and geopolitical projects. Her expertise includes managing crises for renowned Australian and international brands and high-profile individuals. While also running a consulting business supporting organisations in effective corporate relations, Sally is a regular media contributor, providing expert analysis on news and current affairs.

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