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Steve Colman

Headshot of Steve Colman, Founder of Global Learning.

Steve Colman

Steve is a veteran of change management and a specialist in leadership development and the design of strategic programs. He has more than 30 years of experience leading and facilitating leadership programs for organisations that rely on collaboration, teamwork and interpersonal effectiveness.

He is the founder of ‘Global Learning’, an organisation that grows adaptive leaders and builds resilient, productive workplaces. Steve’s professional experience enables him to help link key strategic organisational issues and challenges to practical behavioural solutions and outcomes. He is passionate about experiential learning design, and enjoys working at the intersection of social, business and natural environments. While Steve knows the power of working with people in settings connected to nature, he understands how to connect and inspire people when digital and online forums are the only means of coming together.

Steve, formerly a professional wilderness guide, lives on the far south coast of New South Wales, and is an avid explorer of the planet’s remote and wild places. He has adventured to Antarctica, sea kayaked through remote islands in the Norwegian Arctic and trekked in Nepal and the Indian Himalayan Region. Steve holds an economics degree from ANU, and is an active volunteer in his community.

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