Australian Rural Leadership Program

The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) provides an opportunity for leadership development using challenge-based and experiential learning.

We encourage applications from individuals committed to and ready to respond to the challenges and opportunities in regional, remote and rural Australia.

Applications for Course 29 of the ARLP have closed. Application queries can be sent to gemmag@rural-leaders.org.au or call (02) 6281-0680.

Expressions of interest for ARLP Course 30 can be submitted here.

Join the lifelong ARLF Fellowship

ARLF alumni represent a unique networked group of individuals and include ARLP Fellows, Honorary Fellows and short course program graduates. At the conclusion of the ARLP, participants are inducted into the highly coveted ARLP Fellowship network – a lifelong network of graduates who have shared a unique leadership development experience that many say has changed their lives.

View the ARLF alumni footprint here. View ARLP Graduates

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ARLF Fellows are encouraged to recommend suitable applicants by completing this form.

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(02) 6281-0680

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You don’t use the lessons and skills gained all at once, but you tuck them all away to use later…you can refer to the experiences and learnings years afterwards.

Brianna Peake, ARLF Fellow Course 21