leading Australian Resilient Communities

A National Leadership Network Driving positive Local Change

Regional Australian communities are no strangers to the complex work of transition and innovation when disruption and new opportunities are presented. Leading Australian Resilient Communities (LARC) is about supporting Australia’s regional communities to meet challenges and collectively drive the positive changes they want to see.

Involving a combination of community-based future forums, 5-day leadership development programs, webinars, coaching and mentoring, up to 26 leaders in each region will receive scholarships to take part in the leadership program.

LARC enhances regional communities’ inherent strengths by providing the tools and support to work to these strengths:

Structures enabling effective collaboration.
Data and insights providing clarity about a region’s resources and challenges.
Place-based leadership development focused on practical needs and solutions tailored to each region
Coaching attentive to the diverse potential of all participants.
A national leadership network to tap into for support, inspiration and mutual learning.

Regions and delivery partners

The combined resources and expertise of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, Regional Australia Institute think-tank, and leadership development partners Leadership Victoria, Leadership WA, Leaders Institute of South Australia, and Tasmanian Leaders represent a unique consortium of expertise in developing leadership for resilient communities in 10 regions across Australia.

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Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Get in touch via email or give us a call on 02 6281 0680.

LARC is delivered as part of the Australian Government’s Building Resilient Regional Leaders Initiative (Pilot) grant. 

It responds to the need for leadership development in regional Australian communities to create more equitable experiences of social and economic wellbeing. The program connects community leaders from across the country and develops more of local from all backgrounds of regional Australian communities. 

The networks and initiatives ought to have long-term positive impact for your region and all of regional Australia

  • Three future forums for 50 to 80 people from your region.
  • A five-day leadership program for 24 to 26 people from your region.
  • Practical and useable research workshopped to enable ongoing practical action in your region.
  • Access to national thinkers on critical issues via tailored webinars.
  • Ongoing real-world initiatives championed by you and fellow participants, and group coaching to support implementation.
  • An empowered and connected network of diverse leaders ready to support and drive your region’s and regional Australia’s development.
  • Solutions to challenges and opportunities via informed and consultative initiatives.
  • Cross-pollination from initiatives delivered in other regions.
  • A scholarship investment in your personal and professional development.
  • A fully immersive leadership experience gives you the time and space to examine what resources and development you need to be more effective as a leader.
  • Coaching to meet challenges unique to your role and sector.
  • Entry to a powerful national network of leaders and organisations working together for the greater good of rural, regional and remote communities.
  • Access to leadership experts and comprehensive data and new insights into your region.

Your participation is covered by a scholarship provided by the collaborating organisations. You will only need to fund travel to and from program venues.

LARC is delivered as part of the Australian Government’s Building Resilient Regional Leaders Initiative (Pilot) grant.