“It’s a Gift”: Wool Industry Leader on the ARLP

We're a not-for-profit driving change and fostering resilience in regional, rural and remote communities through the development of courageous and authentic leadership.

Our footprint is 30 years in the making.

Australian Rural Leadership Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that’s been making strides in regional, rural, and remote communities across Australia. Of course, just like the programs we create and share, we’re an adaptive organisation.

The world is changing and it's important we keep up so we can teach relevant leadership skills and continue shaping and driving change in these areas.

Our Purpose

We're here to foster and exercise leadership for positive impact.

Our Vision

We want to see thriving rural, regional and remote communities strengthening Australia and our regional neighbours.

The values we shape Australia with

Our values inform how we work towards our vision and purpose, how we support human wellbeing, and how we ensure a sustainable shared environment.

Respect & engage with First Nations

Our First Nations People know our land, country, and people like no other. We lean on them for direction, guidance, and input in how we approach cultural inclusion and our day-to-day operations. 

Embrace diversity

Diversity of views, perceptions, backgrounds, and cultures makes our organisation and our team more powerful. We can learn more, do more, and achieve more by listening to diverse voices.

Challenge entrenched ideas

If we always do what we've always done, then we'll never progress. As part of our commitment to innovation and creating impact, it's important we challenge entrenched ideas. 

Foster collaboration

Foster collaboration and act beyond self for the good of the organisation. It means working with each other and for each other to create better outcomes and success for ARLF.

Pursue lifelong learning

Our organisation is based on lifelong learning, so of course, we want our team to commit to learning for life, too.

Our 1,700+ alumni make our network unbeatable

Our alumni have each gone on to do great things and are some of the most influential people in Australia’s regional, rural, and remote communities.

We harness the power of our network to keep our programs relevant, up to date, and to ensure they’re tailored to address specific issues in the communities we want to make an impact in.

Want to become part of our network?

Our network and our programs are only made possible by our network of innovative and influential leaders in the communities we work in. We are fortunate to partner with a wide range of professionals, across a variety of sectors, leading to cross-sectoral change and a sturdy foundation for the programs we provide. 

Our Approach

We’re here to provide the opportunity for people to understand themselves and others as a framework to adapt and work together. To do this? We take an experiential learning approach. 

We're future-proofing how you learn.

The COVID-19 global pandemic came with its challenges. One silver lining it provided, though? It forced us, a foundation that’s constantly talking the talk about innovation, to actually walk the walk. We’ve invested in the right learning platforms and technology to support interactive and innovative learning, no matter where you are.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are important to us and we have seen Australia make strides in its approach to diversity, inclusion, and being respectful of our nation’s traditional owners. There’s still a ways to go, though. At Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, we know it’s important to hear from a range of perspectives. 

We're always finding ways to platform and amplify more Aboriginal voices. 

We’re making a real
difference in Australia. Join us.

You can support us to drive change and create a serious impact in your organisation, sector, and wider community. It’s not just enhancing how you lead, it’s building your own network and contributing for the greater good.

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