Kansas webinar partnership to inspire collective leadership

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) and Tasmanian Leaders are excited to partner with the Kansas Leadership Centre (KLC) to offer a powerful webinar on the potency of collective leadership, coming up on 28 September.

In a first for Australian audiences, the KLC’s bestselling book, When Everyone Leads, will be distilled into an accessible three-hour digital session. The book’s co-author and KLC CEO, Julia Fabris McBride along with Joseph Shepard, Chief of Staff of Lead for America, will explore the idea that radically accessible and inclusive leadership can unleash the capacity for collective leadership in confronting challenges and seizing opportunities. 

It’s an ethos understood well by the ARLF and Tasmanian Leaders, who support and regularly see what can be achieved in rural and regional communities and industries when leadership is tackled by many, together.

“This session is for anyone looking to build on leadership beyond yourself, for the greater good,” ARLF chief executive Matt Linnegar says.

“It’s very easy to miss the moments that come up every day to take the initiative and make a difference. It’s also common to find barriers like resistance to change or clashing values in your team can slow things down. What KLC are so good at articulating is the power when we collectively all take a leadership role. That collaborative effort is what gets things done, especially in our regions.”

Julia Fabris McBride, Joseph Shepard, and facilitators from the ARLF and Tasmanian Leaders will deliver an interactive webinar tailored for the Australian context.

Participants will look at how to identify the gap between where they are and where they want to be, and what needs to be done to improve. The session also examines how to overcome common barriers to progress; how to empower yourself to take the first steps; how to guide a team to meet challenges without clashing over solutions; how to invite everyone to lead – and just what can happen when a collective is mobilised.

“Imagine if people thought about practicing leadership or exercising leadership, rather than ‘being a leader.’ See, if leadership is an activity, not a position, anyone can do it. We all will do it differently. And everyone can get better at it. A whole lot more becomes possible if we see leadership through this appreciative and inclusive lens.”

The ARLF invites you to come together with other graduates of Australian-based leadership programs and leave with fresh ways to support each other on the journey of leadership, and the knowledge that the authority to lead comes from within. No matter what stage or style of leader, this webinar holds something for everyone.

Book your ticket. 

Cost: $119.95 general / $74.95 for ARLF and Tasmanian Leaders alumni (a separate email will be sent with the discount code). The ticket price includes an e-copy of When Everyone Leads. 

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