Leadership Impact Case Study: Voices for Indi

Ripples in a pool

When you throw a stone into a pool, the ripples continue long after the stone sinks. A single stone generates movement and energy; it can have a wide-reaching impact.

Some of the world’s best leaders are stone throwers. Michelle Obama comes to mind. As does activist Faith Bandler AC. Or feminist economist Dame Marilyn Waring. They are not necessarily the loudest in a group. Rather, they are collaborative changemakers, willing to share their knowledge and skills to equip and empower others to become leaders in their own right.

They form the ripples that create change.

This is the story of three such people in north-east Victoria, in the electoral division of Indi. Along with many others, they created a community movement centred around empowerment and engagement in political action. They encouraged and shared the responsibility to turn up, speak up and step up to leadership. And, almost as a by-product, they won three federal elections. But their story starts long before they cast a stone into the pool in Indi. It began when they participated in the transformative Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP), where they gained the skills and confidence to throw their stones.

Read Cathy, Alana and Susan’s collective impact story here.

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