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Congratulations to long-standing ARLF partner, the CBH Group (CBH) on their 90th anniversary. Since 2005, the Western Australian grain cooperative has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to cultivating the leadership potential of both its staff and growers, demonstrated through its growing cohort of 20 industry leaders and continued investment in their participation in the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP)

By partnering with the ARLF, CBH has developed and enhanced leadership capability across the grains industry and within the organisation itself. Through its investment in the ARLP, it has cultivated a cohort of leaders that are not only contributing to their own organisations and industry, but who also making meaningful and valuable contributions to their communities.  

CBH’s commitment is amplified through these contributions by their ARLP alumni who are actively developing and empowering leaders within their own organisations, industries and communities.  

The impact is a sharing of leadership knowledge and skills that affects countless others and multiple generations of leaders as demonstrated by Amanda Johnston (ARLP Course 24), “(ARLP) gave me the confidence and drive to lead and develop other, to question everything with a curious mind and showed me what a group of like-minded people can achieve.”

Hear from more of CBH’s alumni in this brief video

CBH Group alumni are confident leaders with strong and diverse networks which benefit industry and communities nationally. The cross-sectoral networks they have developed through the ARLP, keeps these leaders engaged with issues and the people around them, as well as with other leaders. This effect is observed well beyond their participation on program. Leanne Cureton (ARLP Course 26) shared that “The program expanded my visibility on how my skills can assist rural, regional and remote Australia. I lean on my cohort for advice both professionally and personally”.

To learn more about the Australian Rural Leadership Program, click here.

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