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Adam Smith


Adam Smith

Dr Adam Smith has a vital connection to the ocean, sustainability, science and stewardship. His passion and vocation include projects that make a positive environmental benefit and empower people. Adam has undertaken two transformational leadership courses; Australian Rural Leadership Foundation Course 15 and the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. These courses inspired him to give back to the community and the planet by sharing knowledge, creating life-changing opportunities and inspiring future generations of sustainable leaders.

Adam initiated the International Coral Reef Leadership and Management Course, Reef Restoration and Leadership Course, Reef Recovery course and has trained over 800 people in leadership, management and environmental skills in the past 10 years. He is a communicator and led the team that developed the Whitsunday Reef Recovery and Underwater Art Project and the Museum of Underwater Art, the latter with a global media reach of over 400 million people.

Adam holds a BSc (Hons), PhD, and MBA, and Adj Assoc Professor at James Cook University who has authored over 85 scientific papers, books, and reports including a TEDx presentation, Reef Revolution. He was recognised as one of the top 50 Australian professionals in 2021 and a member of several NFP Boards. His ecological footprint is 2 Earths which he is reducing and offsetting to be carbon neutral. In his leisure time, Adam is a keen sportsman, freediver and kayaker.

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