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Zelda Chambers

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Zelda Chambers

My role at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation is like a mixed bags of lollies, with each tasty treat designed to strengthen the organization’s overarching marketing and communications strategy.

Whether its working on stories alongside our media contacts, sharing the incredible wins of our alumni members, getting the word out about upcoming programs or polishing off the monthly newsletters, this role is all about creating platforms for RRR voices to be heard and it’s leaders celebrated. 

Where does your passion for rural, regional and remote Australia come from?

Once described as city girl looking for a “tree-change”, I’d now describe myself a seasoned poddy-lamb wrangler living it up on the “tree-less” Hay Plains.

Like most, my transition into rural living has not been without it’s fair share of twists and turns. I love the sense of closeness to nature that this life brings… although I’d happily go without some of the uninvited critters who seem determined to share the four walls of our house.

I’m constantly inspired by RRR industries, businesses and communities who tread lightly on their landscapes and still contribute to feeding and clothing Australia and many other countries around the world. 

What’s your favourite memory or most memorable moment in rural, regional and remote Australia?

In 2022 our property was severely impacted by several high rainfall events combined with flooding from the Lachlan River Catchment. With more than 70% of our paddocks inundated, we required immediate assistance to airlift livestock out of rising water.

Within the hour, we had neighbors, friends and Landcare services on hand to help us move mobs of very wet sheep out of harms way. Although this was a very stressful 48 hours, I look back on this memory quite fondly as it perfectly encapsulates how people and communities can work together during challenging times.

I’ll never forget the kindness and generosity that was shown to us during this period…. or how quickly the sheep ran out of their aerial crates once they were back on dry land.  

Now, what do you get up to when you’re not at work? What’s your favourite past time?

When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me hanging out with my trusty (but not particularly useful) kelpie Ziggy, bird watching down by the creek or planning our next off-farm adventure.  

What’s your professional background?

Over the past ten years I’ve worked in a range of communications roles including journalism, public relations, marketing, philanthropy and events.

For the last five years I have used my skillset and experience to support a wide range of RRR industries and communities by working alongside arts & cultural institutions, Rural RDCs, educational bodies, regional tourism groups, local/state/federal government departments, agribusinesses and NFPs. 

Three things you love about working at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation?

1. Ability to work remotely
2. Commitment to its core values
3. Dedication to helping participants reach their full potential… regardless of their postcodes

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