We’re launching a ‘Leading Voices’ list

We are creating a register of subject matter specialists from within our alumni community to share with media contacts. This initiative aims to connect our alumni with the media, providing journalists with access to informed perspectives. Regardless of where your expertise lie, your knowledge can make a difference in how stories are told.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple. Our communications team will compile a register including names, areas of expertise, and the industries or sectors they represent. This register will be made available to select media contacts via email. When a journalist seeks an expert for an interview, they can refer to our register. The ARLF communications team will facilitate the initial connection, ensuring that the right specialist is matched with the media inquiry.

Why Join the Register?

Participating in the ARLF Leading Voices list offers several benefits:

  • Contribute to the Narrative: You will have the opportunity to provide additional perspectives or context to news stories, influencing how your community, sector, or industry is represented.
  • Raise Awareness: Your participation helps highlight the expertise available in rural, regional, and remote areas and could provide more accurate on-the-ground reporting in mainstream media.
  • Support ARLF’s Mission: By enhancing our media relations, you are contributing to the ARLF’s goal of building leadership capacity in communities and industries across Australia.

Express Your Interest

We’re eager to know if you are interested in being part of this exciting initiative. If so, please contact us at communications@rural-leaders.org.au. Include your area of specialty and updated contact details, and we will be in touch.

By joining you will help make a meaningful contribution to the way stories are told about our communities and industries whilst also supporting the ARLF’s mission to foster leadership where it is needed most.

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