Andy Kidd thrives after completing agribusiness leadership course

Senior Agribusiness Manager of the Westpac Tamworth branch, Andy Kidd, recognises that cultivating trust and valuing people are key aspects to success in his job.

Since graduating from the Agribusiness Leadership Program in May 2019, Andy has thrived in the financial space of agriculture, having the opportunity to take on relief roles for his Regional General Manger in leading an optimistically candid and high performing team.

“One of my main takeaways from the program was the need to be open and trustful to build long-lasting relationships. The Agribusiness program has helped me be more present, empathetic and honest in the conversations I have with my clients, colleagues, friends and family.”

Over the last few months, Andy has focused his leadership energies on mentoring the younger generation, specifically working with NSW Young Farmers.

“We want rural people to be prepared as possible before they go see a bank. We want young people to be able to stay on the land and for them to financially viable without going into unrepayable debt.”

The drought and regulations within the financial industry are strong factors that can cause country people stress, adversity and heartache.

“Sometimes just having a cuppa with someone at the kitchen table makes all the difference. It’s about giving them the opportunity to get things off their chest and show that we actually care.”

Andy has also been involved in organising the latest NSW Rural Women’s Gathering in Walcha. Through seeing the positive impact that initiatives like this has done, Andy is keen to follow suit with his Westpac clients for casual ‘off-farm BBQ’s’.

“Giving people the opportunity to ‘get off farm’ and talk to others in a social setting is a great way to keep a healthy mindset.”

Andy notes that the best part about the Agribusiness program was the connections that he’s gained and the connections that he continues to gain.

“I still keep in contact with a lot of the people on the program. There are some really good mates and people who you know that you can just call if you need help or advice about something. These are the sorts of connections that I want to have with my clients.” 

When asked whether he would recommend the program, Andy’s response was:

“If people want to develop themselves as a person, grow and push themselves outside their comfort zone, then definitely recommend the course. I’ve told my colleagues, if they get the opportunity to go on the program, they should definitely take it.”

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