Tim Ferraro – Making the Plan Happen

General Manager of Soil Conservation Service, Tim Ferraro, is about to undertake his biggest project to date.

Valued at $37.5 million, the recent Australian Rural Leadership Program graduate is leading the project to extend the NSW “dog fence” by 740km across far west NSW.

“Wild dogs are a significant impact on production and a threat to the ecosystem. With environmental rehabilitation being our core business, it’s very exciting to be part of such a massive project.”  

The impact of wild dogs on pastoralists is something that is very real and can have a substantial impact on farmers’ profitability and livelihood.

“Having a team that is able to understand and empathise with the landholders is crucial to building long-lasting relationships.”

Tim is committed to supporting and empowering his staff across the state and has put mental health initiatives in place to help staff manage their mental health and better relate and communicate with land-holders.

 “Having the right team around you is instrumental and we need to constantly invest in our people.”

Being a highly motivated, goal-focused professional, Tim is committed to putting new practices in place to improve the region’s environmental restoration and rehabilitation.

“I came into the organisation with it in really good condition and I want to leave it in better condition.”

One of the main things that the ARLP gave Tim was the ability to develop and implement his own personal leadership plan and then support those around him to do the same.

“My experiences on the ARLP gave me the ability to view situations differently and turn problems into people-focused solutions. I’ve found that writing and implementing a personal leadership plan has given me a much better perspective about where I am, where I want to go and how I can best engage with people and situations. We can usually solve problems much easier if we engage with people in different ways.”

As Tim leads the implementation of the “dog fence” project with his team, his message to others about leadership is:

“The ARLP gave me the courage to go that next step with my community, work and family. You’ve got to learn about, and lead yourself, before you can lead others. I feel privileged to be part of the ARLP experience and am excited about what the future holds.”

Photo credit: The Land

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