ARLF Associates helping to elevate leadership opportunities in our regions

Over three decades the ARLF has delivered leadership programs that support our rural and regional communities. What our alumni have gone on to achieve for the greater good is nothing short of inspiring. 

Bringing these programs and opportunities to our regions is made possible thanks to an incredible team of staff and many other contributors, whether they be delivery and session partners, consultants and others. Many of them are ARLF Associates. 

From programs in place, sector and national cohorts, facilitating one off events to contributing to new business development, our Associates have been sounding boards and supported staff in delivering a quality experience for participants.

We’ve been fortunate to have this guidance over the last three years, when the Associate model was formally introduced. It was therefore fantastic to recently bring our Associates together on Ngunnawal/Ngambri country in Canberra, to reflect on the collaboration with ARLF and how we can continue to deliver on significant commitments to the regions. We thank our Honorary Fellow Anne Dunn for facilitating this discussion. 

Reflections highlighted the value and wisdom of the group and the opportunity to provide the ARLF perspective and insight, and work together to lift the practice of leadership. 

The group acknowledged the diverse experiences and arrangements with the ARLF, and were able to discuss the benefits and ways in which the engagements can develop further. The group agreed to continue as a Community of Practice and looks forward to ongoing engagement with the ARLF and its work.

What remained clear was the firm commitment to the ARLF purpose and values, in focusing on leadership with positive impact. Learn more about our associates.

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