Fruit Fly Council benefits from executive leadership workshop 

Collective leadership and collaboration are core to the ARLF’s values and we are always looking for opportunities to build this capability in people, teams and organisations.  

Such is the case with the National Fruit Fly Council which plays a critical role in protecting Australia’s multi-billion dollar horticulture industry. It was a privilege to facilitate a workshop designed to establish and enhance these leadership practices amongst their newly established Executive Committee.  

The Committee’s appointment follows a strategic review by the National Fruit Fly Council, to enhance cooperation in delivering Australia’s National Fruit Fly Strategy. Tackling fruit fly across Australia is a complex challenge, requiring a collaborative effort involving stakeholders from industry, government and regulators.   

Relationships are critical to not only delivering the strategy but in responding to issues and opportunities as they emerge. The workshop was an investment in relationships for those leading the strategy’s implementation and a valuable opportunity to reflect on progress and lessons learned from work already underway. 

It saw the group establish their rules of engagement and operating principles, and design collaborative ways of engaging with the broader Council members. By the end of the two days together, the group had an appreciation of the strengths that each offers, had agreed on the value of looking at opportunities and challenges from different perspectives, and identified opportunities to enhance the delivery of strategic projects outlined in their 2020-2025 Strategy.  

There was a buzz in the air and a depth of understanding of each other that wasn’t there over coffee on our first day; as facilitators we love that as a measure of success! 

Are you also looking for ways to support your teams to collaborate, lead and work together? The ARLF, with its skilled facilitators, are here to help them reconnect, understand what effective teamwork looks like, and deepen their relationships through bespoke workshops. To find out more, please get in touch:  

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