Ingrain in the Grains: Caroline Rhodes

Ingrain in the Grains: Caroline Rhodes

Australian Rural Leadership Foundation is governed by our Chief Executive & our Board Members.

The Board of ARLF leaders

Our not-for-profit organisation is led by our Board Members. They establish our strategic direction, monitor the progress of our priorities, and perform the very important function of our governance for the organisation. 

Our Strategy

The current Australian Rural Leadership Foundation strategy is centred in our future. We’ve developed our strategy in line with our plan to move towards 2025. You can view our strategy below.

Our Constitution

As a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee and established as a charity, it’s imperative we have a constitution outlining our structure, processes, and the rules of our organisation. You’re welcome to view this below.

Ready to meet the team behind ARLF?

We’re backed by our governance, our strategy, and our constitution. But it’s our team that leads our organisation to greatness. 

We’re making a real
difference in Australia. Join us.

You can support us to drive change and create a serious impact in your organisation, sector, and wider community. It’s not just enhancing how you lead, it’s building your own network and contributing for the greater good.


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