Our commitment to a diversity and inclusion

The ARLF has 6 key values, one of these values is to respect different perspectives. As part of our commitment and action to a diverse and inclusive workplace, and within our program delivery, we have recently joined as a member of the Diversity Council Australia (DCA).

DCA is Australia’s only independent, not-for-profit peak body for workplace diversity and inclusion, providing their members, and all member staff, with free access to a unique knowledge bank of research, best practices and expertise across all the diversity dimensions. These include gender, culture and religion, generational and mature age, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTIQA+, disability and accessibility, flexibility and work-life, as well as mental health. 

Our membership will further enable the organisation to benchmark its efforts towards diversity and inclusion against like organisations moving forward, whilst also ensuring we collect information in line with prescribed good practice measures, using inclusive, appropriate and respectful language.

An example of our commitment to being an inclusive organisation is the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan, which sets out the vision and commitment of ARLF to champion being culturally inclusive and responsive to First Nations peoples and communities, acknowledging different ways of knowing, doing and being. This critical piece of work, being led by a small taskforce, will be ready for Board endorsement soon.

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