Australian Rural Leadership Program

The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) provides an opportunity for leadership development using challenge based and experiential learning.

We encourage applications from individuals committed to and ready to respond to the challenges and opportunities in regional, remote and rural Australia.

Applications for Course 29 of the ARLP have been extended for certain industries. If you are a primary producer in either traditional or emerging industries, please complete your application by Sunday 12 September.

If you are unsure about scholarship eligibility criteria or if you quality for one of the industry based scholarships, please email ASAP.

An example of the industries from which we are seeking leaders is cotton, grains, rice, fishing, meat processing etc.

We are also still seeking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders. Please apply using the same link below.

Join the lifelong ARLF Fellowship

ARLF alumni represent a unique networked group of individuals and include ARLP Fellows, Honorary Fellows and short course program graduates. At the conclusion of the ARLP, participants are inducted into the highly coveted ARLP Fellowship network – a lifelong network of graduates who have shared a unique leadership development experience that many say has changed their lives.

View the ARLF alumni footprint here. View ARLP Graduates

What you need to do to apply

Have conversations with your family and employer to gain support for your application for the ARLP.
They need to understand and be supportive of the time required to invest in all the program components.

Once you have this support, you can complete the online application form which will ask you to provide information including:

  1. Relevant personal information and contact details
  2. Details of your current employment and education status
  3. Examples of your leadership responsibilities and other achievements
  4. Details of other leadership development programs you have undertaken
  5. Why you wish to undertake the ARLP and the impact you wish to have on rural,
    regional and remote Australia as a result.
  6. Uploading of an optional video (no longer than 2 minutes) to support your application.
  7. Referee information

DOWNLOAD applicant information flyer

Shoulder Tap Recommendation

ARLF Fellows are encouraged to recommend suitable applicants by completing this form.

More information

Applicant Q&A can be found here.
Recording from the Applicant Q&A can be found here.
Scholarship Partner Q&A can be found here.

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You don’t use the lessons and skills gained all at once, but you tuck them all away to use can refer to the experiences and learnings years afterwards. Brianna Peake, ARLF Fellow
Course 21