Without arts and culture, we may as well be living on Mars

We’re a cultural powerhouse, boldly asserting our distinct Australian identity, and without arts and culture, we may as well be living on Mars.

Just some of the reflections recently shared by champion of the sector Rupert Myer AO at his address to the National Press Club.

The ARLF hosted a table at the address and was thrilled to have one of our ARLP creative alums Alysha Herrmann from regional SA join us.

Arts and culture mean healthy communities and thriving places

Interestingly, he shared the results of a nationwide study on our attitudes towards arts, culture and creativity, across three generations of diverse backgrounds, including the regions: in summary, the arts, culture and creativity are essential to being human, are broad, inclusive and for everyone, foster imagination, expression and innovation and are the building blocks of healthy communities and thriving places.

It seems we think a world without arts and culture would be colourless, depressing, uninspiring and like a totalitarian state. It’s not surprising given a third of us, the Aussie population, enjoy at least one creative activity be it playing a guitar, craft, singing, writing, painting to name a few. What’s yours?

Further, over 80 per cent of Aussies attended cultural events pre-pandemic compared with 64 per cent in the culturally rich EU.

Exciting partnership for the regions

When you think about it, art and culture are integral to our everyday life – directly and indirectly, with multiple economic, employment, tourism, education, social and wellbeing benefits.

Which is why the ARLF is excited to be partnering with Regional Arts Australia to strengthen and create opportunities, post pandemic, for leadership development in the regional creative industries sector.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting partnership and a not to be missed podcast interview with Alysha on how the arts, and Australian Rural Leadership Program, changed her life.

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