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Our Associates are individuals who share our values and are uniquely skilled in developing and delivering leadership programs and initiatives to manage change in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Helping with program design, delivery and facilitation, associates either work as part of our team or deliver a program end to end.

The associate network allows us to consistently deliver high-quality programs all over the country, as well as offering industry-specific or tailored leadership development programs on demand.

Becoming an ARLF associate is exclusively by invitation only following an expression of interest or nomination by a team member or fellow associate. While associates are often alumni from our programs this is not a requirement.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors provides strategic direction and expertise from various industries including agribusiness, finance, fundraising, community work and leadership.

Honorary Fellows

Our Honorary Fellows are distinguished members of our network. Not only have these individuals offered and continue to provide long-term support to the Foundation, they are champions of our leadership values, having made contributions beyond themselves to rural, regional and remote Australia.


Our patrons are high-profile supporters of leadership in rural, regional and remote Australia.


We’re making a real
difference in Australia. Join us.

You can support us to drive change and create a serious impact in your organisation, sector, and wider community. It’s not just enhancing how you lead, it’s building your own network and contributing for the greater good.

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